OUR experts HAVE Field Experience, Training Experience, consulting experience, project management experience, and product development Experience. 

Our professional staff includes experts on behavioral profiling, human deception, intelligence collection, cyber security, physical security/force protection, insider threat assessment, relational leadership styles, leadership skills, relational policing, countering violent extremism, workplace violence, Stress Management And Resiliency Training (SMART), crisis management, conflict resolution, and emerging technologies. We have special expertise in hosting workshops to identify enterprise wide solutions, product development and field validation.

The Behavioral Science Unit, LLC. est. 2017.....

When Special Agent (retired) Andrew (Andy) Bringuel left the famed FBI Behavioral Science Unit he knew there was an interest in understanding how to use behavioral analysis and assessment to improve management practices, sales, and business relationships.   

The BSU, LLC tools can help determine if a C-suite candidate would be a good fit for a corporation, or assist a security department's assessment  of threat or veracity of an interrogated employee, assist a salesman in targeting a client's influence and sway points for targeted negotiations, or improve management practices by practicing mindfulness techniques.  The BSU, LLC offers behavioral-based assessment tools and training to improve relationships.

The BSU, LLC is committed to 21st century technologies providing intelligence augmentation and better understanding of human cognition and behavior. Agent Bringuel is the rare "pracademic" bringing the combination of practical experience with academic credentials.   

The BSU, LLC - Mission Statement -"To work on interesting project with interesting people while making a positive impact on the community." 

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With 27 years experience Studying human belief states leading to behaviors... experts on motivation, cognition, and group dynamics.  We can improve relationships or train you to spot disruptions to your relationships