Capability Statement

o   Behavioral Science Unit, LLC,

o   355 State Route 41 Willet, New York 13863

o   607 656 8356 (office)

o   703 401 7260 (cell)

o or


o   Worldwide

·         Areas of Expertise:

o   Investigations – over 27 years of investigative experience including earning several awards including the United State Attorney’s Award for criminal investigation.

o   Negotiations – a FBI Crisis Negotiator since 1993 with experience negotiating at several barricades including the 1996 Montana Freemen barricade which lasted 81 days and was successfully resolved without violence. A Crisis Negotiator Trainer since 1993 the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) have been used as a HUMINTOR, investigator, instructor, and manager to influence and sway other’s behavior.  The evidence-based Crisis Negotiators training skills taught by the BSU, LLC are a culmination of 25 years academic and practical experience and have been taught to thousands of police, FBI, and war fighters at the FBI Academy, military bases like Ft. Bragg and Quantico as well as road schools around the world.   

o   Training – 15 years’ experience on topics ranging from counterterrorism, understanding the criminal mindset, digital analysis, intelligence led policing, community-oriented policing, relational leadership, conflict resolution, crisis negotiations, stress management/resiliency, source development/human intelligence.  

o   Research – was the Program Manager of two FBI research programs including the Terrorism Research and Analysis Program (TRAP) and the Behavioral Informatics Technology Studies (BITS) Program, with the former program earning the Thomas Jefferson Award for research.

o   Consulting – 11 years’ experience providing behavioral based analysis and consultation providing criminal investigative analysis based behavioral assessment profiles, domain threat assessments, and direct-action plans

o   Media support – a former FBI Field Media Representative, the BSU, LLC provides insight and analysis on current events and news stories involving national security, terrorism, crime, and social justice issues. The BSU, LLC has provided support to Newsweek, New York Times, an i24News Cable, an Italian newspaper, and the Dr. Carlos Vasquez Show.

 ·         Unique capabilities or resources:

o   Several behavioral based assessment tools

o   Over 27 years’ experience as an investigative practitioner, consultant, researcher, and trainer

·          Past Projects or Customers & Brief Description:

o   Developed a structured professional judgment (SPJ) tool known as the Group Analysis Protocol (GAP) that develops target audience analysis packages by mapping cognitive propensities and identifies “gaps” between group members self-interests and the group for the purpose of source development and recruitment. It is part of the message, messenger, methods (3M model) for influence and sway.

o   Developed a SPJ tool known as the Terrorist Threat Assessment Source Evaluation Report (TTASER) designed to be used early in assessing the potential threat from Terrorism known as the Guardian process and assists in determining threat from low, medium, to high. The SPJ tool also helps identify and define the target’s mental state as an intelligence requirement as well assess the target’s suitability and vulnerability as a confidential human source. 

o   Developed proprietary tools used for Behavioral Assessment Profiles (BAP) which as has been utilized for several clients in assessing a subject’s inappropriate communications and potential use of violence. The BAP has also been used to analyze the potential deception of a client’s subject.

o   Provided several clients Direct Action Plans assisting with investigative, interview, and source development action plans.

o   Provided a Fortune 100 company a Domain Threat Assessment regarding the likeliest threats in a specific geographical area of concern as well as appropriate action plan for Force Protection and Physical Security. 

o   Provided a Training Client 11 course designs, curriculum maps, and learning objectives.

·         Key personnel experience:

o   27 years of extensive investigative experience including undercover work, major case experience, court testimony, and crisis negotiations experience across criminal and intelligence investigative programs

o   Over 15 years of evidence based research in the development of multi-disciplined experiential learner driven curricula

o   20 years as a public speaker with extensive experience engaging the media at the local, national, and international level.

·         Clearances:

o   Top Secret (as FBI Special Investigator)

o   Secret (as Adjunct Researcher for RAND CORP)

·         DUNS #, CAGE code:

o   DUNS 09-670-2169

o   CAGE code 7YSB4

·         Industry licenses/certifications or quality assurance certifications:
·         Small Business Certifications (HubZone, SDB, 8(a), DVBE, DBE:
·         Acquisition vehicles (suitable payment)

o   Accepted credit cards

 ·         Business Background/History:

o   The Behavioral Science Unit, LLC was created in April 2017 after the sole propitiator retired from the FBI. In a short period of time the BSU, LLC developed 5 service units that include investigations, research, training, consulting, and media support. Almost immediately after retirement the BSU, LLC received multiple requests as a keynote speaker on topics ranging from countering violent radicalized mindsets to using qualitative and quantitative data for assessing human cognition. The short history of the BSU, LLC has included developing business development agreements with the National Command and Staff College, Center for Police Leadership & Ethics International, RAND Corp, Auburn University and several private security firms. The BSU, LLC has also recently offered life coaching lessons with an emphasis on developing better life choices. The BSU, LLC has recently been asked to consider extensive international training. The BSU, LLC continues to receive requests to assist the media on national security stories. The BSU, LLC was asked to co-host a nationally broadcast show on topical issues and is working on a T.V. pilot focused on analyzing criminal’s behavior.   

 ·         Special Accreditation or Awards:

o   The BSU, LLC sole proprietor has received numerous performance based awards including financial incentives. In addition, the sole proprietor received the United States Attorney Generals Award for Criminal Investigations as well as the Thomas Jefferson Award for academic research.

 ·         Testimonials:

·         [Michael Harrigan]

Michael Harrigan

Chief, Firearms Training Program at FBI

May 20, 2017, Andrew worked with Michael in the same group

I had the pleasure of seeing Andy's talents shared with the global law enforcement community at the FBI National Academy. His extensive practical experience underpinned his outstanding instruction. He was able to translate complex behavioral concepts, while injecting his considerable operational experience, in a manner that was understandable to the full spectrum of local, state, county, tribal, and international students that comprise the National Academy.

Mark Frank

Professor at University at Buffalo

May 9, 2017, Andrew worked with Mark in the same group

Andy is quite a remarkable guy. He is fluent in both the professional side of law enforcement/intelligence, but he can also communicate effectively with scientists and scholars. There are very few people on this planet who can play in both fields. He really knows his stuff. He's not just talked the talk, but walked the walk, if you'll forgive that cliche. But it's so very true for Andy. He's an effective administrator - always getting the job done - but also an engaging teacher, and a curious student of human behavior and life. Yet he is humble, inquisitive, insightful, and just a pleasure to spend any amount of time with, professionally or personally. I highly recommend him.

·         [Luis M. Torres, MS]

Luis M. Torres, MS

Vast experience in the Criminal Justice System within state and federal law enforcement agencies.

May 4, 2017, Luis M. reported directly to Andrew

I met Andy in 2011 at the FBI’s National Academy and have learned many things about him since then. Andy was my instructor in a terrorism course which I enrolled in. Andy made the course all that more interesting. His demeanor and presentation allowed not only me, but other students to fully involve themselves in the matter at hand. During my time in Andy’s classroom, it was and still is evident he is an expert on the topic of terrorism. His approach instills his students the ability to absorb and fully understand the motivation of a terrorist, to recognize a terrorist, and to analyze their behavior. It is therefore a great privilege and honor to give Andy my recommendation as an investigator, lecturer, trainer, and instructor on this particular topic.

·         [Stefan Chernaski]

Stefan Chernaski

Detective Lieutenant at Long Beach Police Department

May 1, 2017, Stefan reported directly to Andrew

I was fortunate enough to have Andrew as an instructor at the FBI National Academy, session 232 in 2008. The course was a Master's level course "Understanding Terrorism, Mindset and Methodologies." This course was one of the best courses I have ever taken. Andrew is a gifted teacher who helped us drop our preconceived notions and look at the world through different eyes. We started out with the idea that "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" and we worked off that the entire course. Andrew kept us all thinking and constantly encouraged us to think about the stages of development to the point where someone feels justified in committing crimes in the name of a cause. Andrew brought us gradually to a higher and broader level of thinking and he had a lot of fun doing it. He truly mastered his topic. Andrew's ability to provoke deep thought and understanding is, in my experience, unparalleled. His course and values transcend terrorism investigations and are practical in all aspects wherein I often look for the perceived justification of every action.

Additional testimonials can be found at my LinkedIn page or at

·         References upon request:
” Behavioral science, more than art”

Behavioral Science Unit, LLC (A behavioral consulting firm)  355 State Route 41 Willet, New York 13863 607. 656.8356 (Office) 703.401.7260 (Cell) 

Corporate Philosophy

BSU, LLC believes that all things between people from business to security involve relationships. The BSU, LLC has the experience to improve human relationships. Unlike disruptive agents of change the BSU, LLC re-balances client centric needs and helps identify disruptors that are causing conflict, defines solutions to resolve the conflict, and recommend courses of action to mitigate crisis outcomes.  A relationship with BSU, LLC means evidence-based approaches to improving customer experiences, proactive identification of security threats, more effective leadership, improved employee relationships, and enhanced ability to analyze (profile), influence, and sway human behavior.  


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o    SERVICES: • Investigations – Due diligence, security, intelligence, or fraud investigations. The BSU, LLC has over 27 years’ experience as a FBI Special Agent with several awards for investigative results including the US Attorney’s award for investigations. • Research – Over 12 years’ experience managing award winning research projects including the Terrorism Research Analysis Program (TRAP) which won the Thomas Jefferson award from the University of Virginia and the Behavioral Informatics Technologies Studies (BITS) program the BSU, LLC has a proven track record. • Training – The BSU, LLC personnel have trained over 8,500 FBI recruits, over 4,000 domestic and international police officers and hundreds of US soldiers and Marines. Training has taken place in over 11 countries from San Salvador to Moldova including topics ranging from leadership and ethics to terrorist radicalization. • Consultation – The BSU, LLC provides consultations including behavioral analysis “profiles” (BAP), Domain Threat Assessments (DTA), and Direct-Action Plans (DAP) as well as program-based consultations on improving community oriented and intelligence-led policing programs. • Media – The BSU, LLC provides support to the media regarding issues on national security, crime, and terrorism. The BSU, LLC participates in a weekly online interview show. 

POC – Executive Director Andrew Bringuel, II