Lecture Topics (1-2 Hrs)

  • IT Security - 21st Century age of the IoT (Digital Security, Digital Exhaust, and Managing the Hardware, Software, and Wetware. 
  • Better Policing Through Understanding  Behavior: the truth is stranger than fiction
  • Behavioral Analysis for Everyday Life: the science of sway and influence
  • The Criminal Radicalized Mindset: the difference between Archie Bunker and Archie Bunker with an AK-47
  •  Human Deception: the lies we are all telling
  •   Relational Policing: it’s more than just a concept
  •  21st Century Emerging Technologies: the untold threat to democracy
  •  10 Keys for Developing a Pro-Social Environment in the Workplace: promote behavior with positive intent
  • Corporate Security Through Soft Skills Management: mitigating the insider threat
  •   Improving Sales Through Behavioral Analysis and Profiling
  •  The Snowman and the Snowflake: influence and sway by separating the group from the person
  •  How Disruptors Lead to Conflict and Conflict Leads to Crisis: and how to come out ahead
  •   Negotiation Techniques for Resolving Conflict in the Workplace
  •   Seven Cs for Relational Leadership​

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