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Are you looking for a dynamic speaker who combines humor, evidence-based principles, with real world experience as an FBI Agent, Undercover Agent, Negotiator, and Behavioral Analyst. 


Do you need help finding the perfect employee? We provide HR support!

Do you believe all your employees are leaders regardless of positional authority?  We can develop an Onboard New Employee (ONE) program to develop ethical leaders.   

Learn the techniques from a retired Behavioral Analyst, FBI "profiler". Use these skills to improve relational management, intelligence-based sales, improve conflict resolution, or manage stress and increase resiliency 

​​​"...understanding people predicts better outcomes"

The BSU, LLC can provide Behavioral Assessment Profiles (BAP), Domain Threat Assessments (DTA), and Direct Action Plans (DAP) for investigative support. 

Behavioral Analysis

CEO of Chicago Qantitiative Alliance


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“Andy is an outstanding speaker who I highly recommend as a Keynote for just about any group or organization. His ability to connect with the audience and deliver his message is impressive. I've been organizing conferences for over 20 years and Andy is among the very best I've worked with. He has an exceptional depth of knowledge and a polished speaking style, and makes an extra effort to relate his talk to the specific interests of the group."