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tERRORISM RESEARCH & analysis pROGRAM (trap)

Want to know how to counter extremism, disengage potential terrorists from criminal acts, or de-radicalize extremists then this evidence-based training is what you are looking for. Better understand the forces behind the radicalized mindset and how to assess the threat.


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Relational Policing

The BSU's Center for Relational Policing (CRP) program provides evidence-based training programs to improve the identification of community disruptors, define intelligence requirements, and execute law enforcement processes judiciously 

Due Diligence and security  INVESTIGATIONS

With over 27 years investigative experience in behavioral assessments, intellectual property theft,  fraud, cyber, terrorism, and security investigations the BSU, LLC is your source for confidential and through investigative services. ​Our experts have government clearances and real world experience.

Behavioral Analysis & security THREAT ANALYSIS

The BSU, LLC provides a number of services to protect your company's assets from Behavioral Analysis Profiles (BAP) to Direct Action Plans (DAP), to Domain Threat Assessments (DTA) the BSU's analytics can keep you ahead of the threat and prepared for the crisis.

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​Disruptors lead to conflict and unresolved conflict leads to crisis. Let the BSU, LLC train you to better identify disruptors, respond to conflict, and mitigate crisis through its proven program.  Build resiliency in your teams and organization to create pro-social outcomes. 

Analysis, Policy, & Strategy

Our experts use interdisciplinary approaches with mixed qualitative and quantitative methods to provide a holistic analysis.
Receive real world experience in policy, planning, and operational response using an evidence-based approach to solving real world problems. 

Behavioral iNFORMATICS  technology sTUDIES (bitS) pROGRAM

Exploring disruptive technologies that will improve situational awareness and emotional intelligence. 

​BITS looks at emerging technologies and the impact they will have on human behavior.


The BSU, LLC provides negotiation and arbitration services providing clients with world class knowledge regarding collecting competitive intelligence to prepare negotiations, elicitation processes in opening negotiations, identifying and accounting for vulnerabilities during the bargaining process and providing assessment and accountability at the end of the process. 

Business Continuity & Crisis Mgt 

BSU,LLC offers business impact analysis, business continuity planning, and FFX and TTX for improved crisis response and disaster recovery.  Training and consultation based on a simple model of identifying disruptors, predicting conflicts, and neutralizing crisis. This proactive program helps leaders become transformative and inspire their employees to act with positive intent.