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Andrew Bringuel, II 

Supervisory Special Agent (Ret)


Andrew Bringuel, II, was an FBI Agent Supervisor Instructor/Researcher at the FBI Academy’s Behavioral Science Unit with over 27 years experience as a researcher, trainer, negotiator, consultant, investigator and manager before retiring in April 2017.


Mr. Bringuel is now the Executive Director of the Behavioral Science Unit, LLC (BSU, LLC) a private training, consulting, and research firm located in central New York. He is also an Adjunct Research Analyst at RAND Corp., a Special Investigator for the FBI’s Security Division, and an Adjunct Instructor for the National Command and Staff College and the Center for Police Leadership and Ethics.


Mr. Bringuel has bridged the gap between public and private sectors as it relates to human factors, leadership training, negotiations, and analytics. Blending qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis the BSU, LLC can provide a behavioral assessment profile, a direct-action plan, and a domain threat assessment allowing identification of disruptors for the proper application of conflict resolution processes to mitigate crisis.


From proactive prevention strategies to reactive investigative processes the BSU, LLC uses evidence-based approaches with proven results.  With an understanding of motive and human cognition Mr. Bringuel has been considered a subject matter expert in human source development, extremist radicalization, and ethical relational leadership. As the Program Manager of the Behavioral Informatics and Technology Studies (BITS) program Mr. Bringuel was the Principle Investigator (PI) on a study regarding wetware, the human factors regarding the use of computers. To often in IT security the focus is on the hardware (networks/computers) and the software when the disruptive vulnerability begins with the human operator.     


Mr. Bringuel’s investigative accomplishments include finding a key piece of evidence from an IED that killed Federal Judge William Vance.  He was the Case Agent in a five-year organized crime investigation involving associates of the Genovese crime family. Mr. Bringuel received the Attorney General’s Award for environmental crimes investigation because of the case. Mr. Bringuel worked as an undercover agent and was a crisis negotiator during the Montana Freemen barricade, and a first responder to the Eric Rudolph abortion clinic bombing as well as the terrorist attack on the Pentagon 09/11/2001. Mr. Bringuel worked cybercrimes and investigated the first computer-based crime prosecuted in the Northern District of Alabama in 1991.


In 1999 Mr. Bringuel was promoted to the Weapons of Mass Destruction Countermeasures Unit as a supervisor and program manager of the Information and Sharing Unit at the National Domestic Preparedness Office (NDPO) where he created, edited and co-wrote the Beacon newsletter as well as the On-Scene Commanders Guide for Responding to Chemical and Biological Threats.


Mr. Bringuel is an experienced trainer on topics including relational leadership, wetware security in the digital age, psychology of intelligence analysis, stress management & resiliency for law enforcement, human intelligence collection, criminal investigative analysis (criminal profiling), combating violent extremism, relational policing processes related to community oriented/intel-led/evidence-led programs, crisis negotiations, and conflict & crisis management practices.


From 2005 to 2016 Mr. Bringuel was the principle FBI instructor at the National Academy for countering violent extremism, ethical leadership, and relational police practices. He taught 3 graduate level courses as an adjunct instructor for the University of Virginia as well as an undergraduate class for Catholic University. He conducted training around the world for the DoS at the International Law Enforcement Academies (ILEA) on terrorism, policing in multicultural environments, human factors and intelligence collection, intelligence-led policing practices, crisis negotiations, conflict and crisis management, and understanding criminal mindsets and the government’s response. Mr. Bringuel has a long working history with the U.S military participating in red cell exercises, collaborative writing, and training from the Pentagon to Ft. Bragg, Quantico, Camp LeJeune, and Camp Pendleton.


Mr. Bringuel has published articles and books on the topics of terrorism and policing. He has been awarded the Thomas Jefferson award for research by the University of Virginia. He was the program manager for the Terrorism Research and Analysis Program (TRAP) and Behavioral Informatics and Technology Studies (BITS) program. The programs developed two intelligence amplification tools including the Terrorist Threat Assessment Source Evaluation Report (TTASER) and the Group Analysis Protocol (GAP), the first is intended to improve the suspicious activities report through the Guardian threat assessment process and the second tool is designed to improve confidential human source (CHS) targeting, development, and recruitment. He is working on a bio-optic sensor that will improve police officer’s and war fighter’s situational awareness and emotional intelligence providing improved ability to detect micro-facial emotional changes and deception.  Mr. Bringuel has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology from St. Leo University, and a Master’s degree in Adult Education from the University of Virginia.


Mr. Bringuel has been a SWAT team member, crisis negotiator, HUMINTOR, force protection and physical security operational planner, and behavioral scientist.