Security is more than locks on doors, alarms on windows, and CCTV cameras in parking lots. Sure, one goal of a comprehensive security program is Physical Security but there are actually three parts that are equally important. In addition to Physical Security, or protecting the physical structures such as building you need to address Force Protection including your staff, faculty, students, and visitors. You also have to include Digital Security in this age of Internet of Things (IoT) it could include computers that manage some of your Physical Security equipment like cameras and alarms.
The Behavioral Science Unit, LLC has experts who can consult and develop a comprehensive school security plan that addresses the security trilogy. Using an evidence-based approach to Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design the BSU, LLC works with your vendors to determine how to improve the use of Physical Security equipment while maintaining an attractive campus setting. The experts at the BSU, LLC including Andrew Bringuel, II have over 25 years’ experience as FBI Agents trained in crisis management, behavioral science, and risk analysis/threat assessment processes. They can help you understand how to identify risk, have a measured response, and report for appropriate follow-up.

The BSU, LLC's School Threat Assessment Response & Report Training (STARRT) program includes a proactive approach to crisis preparedness for the prevention of school violence:

Provide awareness training for the student body
Provide Risk Identification & Reporting training for Faculty and Staff
Consult in creating a Crisis Mitigation Program & Performance Metrics
Provide Threat Assessment & Conflict Resolution training to Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

The BSU, LLC can assist your school in developing a comprehensive security program.  Focus on a program structure, develop the CIT, train on risk analysis/threat assessment using the Risk, Threat, Consequence Model, and include performance metrics.

The BSU, LLC can help create a pro-social environment for your staff, faculty, student body, and visitors that promotes behaviors with positive intent. Research on school violence and active shooters indicates that these violent acts are not random acts, or the result of impulsive violence, but rather are premeditated and planned. Research from the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) indicates the subject's intent for violence is likely known by family, friends, an authoritative figure, or by-stander before the violence. The subject often leaks pre-cursor behaviors through inappropriate verbal or cyber-based communications. Often times people suppress these indicators and while they see something, they say nothing.    

The BSU, LLC will train your staff, faculty, and student body, so when they see something, they know how to report what they see. The BSU, LLC will train your CIT how to identify the risk, assess threat variables, and measure potential consequences. The CIT will be trained in the use of the Threat Assessment Security Evaluation Report (TASER), a structured professional judgement tool (SPJT) that proactively determines potential consequences of threat. 

The BSU, LLC will teach how to use soft skills identifying risk, assess threat, and measuring potential contextual consequences in a structured professional process ensuring a measured, responsible, and defensible response. The BSU, LLC can act as your liaison between local, state, and federal police agencies in a protective posture. The STARRT process is designed to get "left of the boom" and resolve conflict before there is a crisis. It is not intended to interfere or replace the reactive response to a crisis by police agencies and actually compliments the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT).  The STARRT program is an evidence-based approach to the "see something say something" approach. It teaches not only what to look for but also in what context do these indicators require reporting and a proactive response. 

The BSU, LLC can assist in coordinating your physical security and force protection along with your digital security. ​ Digital Security is made up of three parts including hardware, software, and wetware (human interface).  The BSU, LLC can improve your Digital Security by consulting with you and your vendors to ensure your systems are truly integrative, particularly related to human factors. We offer training on wetware issues and cyber security from identity theft to various social engineering schemes.