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This block of instruction will introduce the student to terms and definitions that define primary, secondary, and tertiary relationships.  The course will prepare the student for better understanding how stress affects relationships and methods for coping and creating pro-social environments that promote behaviors with positive intent. The course helps students facilitate preferred outputs and adapt to positively affect preferred outcomes.  SMART is about understanding ourselves in a triolgy of our biological physical self, psychological emotional self, and social collective self.  The course covers the science of happiness, moral/social equilibrium, mindfulness training, emotional intelligence, and identifying personal spirituality. The SMART program is all about exploring our personal balance points for effective management of stress and resiliency.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learner will understand the how stress impacts their lives from a biopsychosocial perspective.
  • Learner will assess stress in their lives.
  • Learner will explore ways they can remain resilient, rebound from crisis, and manage stress. 

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Stress Management And Resiliency Training (SMART) Course